There are many special things that one can experience.Touching the clouds, free like a bird, is for sure one of them. It is a love, it is a drug. You want to try it as well? All you need is a good pair of shoes to be able to run 10-15 meters on the takeoff, the rest will be done by an experienced pilot. Your feet will be lifted off the ground and you will become speechless. Floating above forests, meadows and rooftops will exceed your wildest dreams. Don’t wait, reserve your seat on board of the Tirolfly airlines now!

The Tirolfly Team pilots stand out for their proven experience and flying skills.

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To give you an idea how it is to fly with us and also to prepare you for this exciting experience we have put together three photo albums. These reflect the three phases of the tandem flight. Opening the first photo you can see a few pictures from the takeoff phase. The second album shows the beauty of flight in the airborn phase. In the last set of pictures the landing occurs. Enjoy the views and come to fly with us!

Tandem flight, an unforgettable experience!


We are waiting to take you to heaven!


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